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Direct Animation

Sand Animation Set Up

The Owl who Married a Goose & The Metamorphosis of Mr.Samsa

Pour beach sand onto a white glass surface lit evenly from below.

sand 1

In a dark room.
sand 2

Using your fingers, or whatever tools are at hand, draw in the sand.
sand 3

The opaque sand blocks light from below. . .
sand 4

. . . and creates dark shapes.
sand 5

Paint-on-Glass Set Up

The Street & Interview

paint 1

In a dark room with top lighting...

paint 2

...draw on a white glass surface...
paint 3

...using water colour and gouache paints with some drops of glycerine or Colorfloat* well stirred in, so the paint will never dry.
paint 4


paint 5
...and wipe away the old image with a wet cloth.

(*Colorfloat is made by Delta Technical Coatings Inc. in Whittier, California to to condition water for acrylic paints.)

Scratching in Film Emulsion Set Up

Two Sisters / Entre Deux Soeurs

Use a registration plate on a lightbox.

scratch 1

Scratch with a sharp blade into the soft emulsion of exposed black color film.
scratch 2

If the the film has been exposed to be slightly  transparent, a sequence  of images  can be etched into 2 alternating strands of film, odd numbers on one and even numbers on the other.
In this way, the previous image is always visible for reference. The images must be shot onto one strand of film to be viewed.
scratch 3

Alternately, faster and easier, eyeball the registration and scratch one strand of film.

35mm exposed colour film




Caroline Leaf