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This film is an adaptation of Franz Kafka's story about a man who metamorphoses into a beetle. Because of his repellant appearance, the man, a dutiful and loving son and brother, is unable to communicate to his family his feelings of shame and guilt and his need for love. The film conveys the atmosphere of anxiety and alienation that Kafka creates in his story. The story is told with sand animation. The film has won the Grand Prix at the XV International Festival of Short Films in Cracow, Poland.



11th Annecy International Animation Festival, Annecy, France 1977
Critics’ Prize and 1st choice of the public

International Film Festival, Athens, Ohio, 1978
Merit Award

15th International Festival of Short Films, Cracow, Poland, 1978
Grand Prix of the Festival

Cork Film Festival, Cork, Ireland, 1978
Certificate of Merit, Animated Films Category

International Animation Festival Ottawa ‘78, Ottawa, 1978
Special Jury Award

22nd Annual San Francisco International Film Festival, SF, Cal., 1978 
Certificate for Outstanding Achievement

4th International Film Festival, Hong Kong, 1980
Certificate for an Outstanding Film

28th Annual International Film Festival, Columbus, Ohio, 1980 
Honorable Mention, Art and Culture Category

Hemisfilm ‘81, San Antonio, Texas, 1981
Best animation film

National Endowment for the Arts Short Film Showcase, Washington D.C., 1981
Caroline Leaf